Twin Bed Deionising System

Twin Bed Deionising System

This consists of one cation column and one anion column. The cation column is furnish with H+ ions and the anion with OH¯ ions. Raw water containes dissolved solids comprise of cationic and anionic minerals, when raw water passes through the cation column where the H+ released from the cation resin exchange for cationic minerals. Similarly, the anionic minerals in the water is exchange with OH¯ ions when it goes through the anion column. The H+ and OH¯ released from the resins combine to form H2O (Water). The final treated water is more or less pure water.

Standard Features

  • Tanks with internal distribution system
  • Ion exchange resins
  • One lot automatic control valve
  • One set electronic controller with conductivity monitor
  • Chemical metering tanks
  • Pressure gauge
  • Auto purge unit

Optional Features

  • Pre-treatment Filtration System
  • Feed Water Booster pump
  • Feed Water Booster pump
  • Internal rubber lined steel pressure tank
  • Flow monitor
  • Ultraviolet purifier

System Application

  • Boiler plant
  • Paper industries
  • Chemical manufacture
  • Pharmaceutical & hospital
  • Electronics industries
  • Breweries & bottled drinks,/li>
  • Others

Design Assumptions

Activated carbon filter for pre-treatment of free chlorine and organic is necessary for chlorinated city water

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