Blast Furnace Water Filtration Solutions
September 9, 2015
Electric Arc Furnace Water Filtration Solutions
September 9, 2015

Basic Oxygen Furnace Water Filtration Solutions

The molten iron produced in the blast furnace must be processed further in order to produce steel. In the BOF, oxygen gas is injected into the molten liquid to initiate chemical reactions that release additional impurities. The oxygen is injected using a lance, which requires a continuous flow of clean cooling water.

The reactions taking place inside the BOF are exothermic, which simply means that heat is generated. In fact, an extreme amount of heat is generated, without any energy input. Due to this heat, the furnace itself must also be cooled during operation, in order to protect the furnace and its surroundings, and also to facilitate the process.

Recalyx filters can help protect both the lance and the furnace itself by removing the suspended solids from the cooling water. Whether the water comes from a cooling tower, intake water or other source, Recalyx Filters can provide the solution to your filtration needs.

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